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Contractor Connection Services

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Found remodel contractor near you

Recently there has been an uptick in “Contractor Connection Services” on the internet. The purpose of these sites is to help the average homeowner find a reputable contractor in their area. Here are some reasons not to use these services.

Not Reputable Contractors

Plain and simple, these online servicers are in the business of making money. Contractors are not vetted, but instead are sourced by which contractors are willing to pay the most for their lead services. This means your project, your money, and your happiness are at risk of being handed to a less-than-qualified contractor. These online servicers charge contractors a high fee to have their name appear in your search results and in most cases your information is sold to the highest bidder. This means you are getting contractors sent to your house because they bought your lead, not because they are reputable.

Not in Your Location

Most homeowners want a contractor in their area. Unfortunately these services charge contractors for areas they want to buy, not where they are located. You will be getting calls from contractors all over the state to bid your project.

Multiple Phone Calls

Most of these online sites will have you fill out an online form with your project information and your location. Then, they sell this information to one or more different contractors for a fee. That’s it - their work is done. The more the contractor pays, the less competition they will have to bid against. Because the contractors pay a high fee for your lead, they will typically call you over and over until they can get an appointment scheduled. Remember, usually about 3 different contractors will be calling you for each project you submit. This can be very frustrating for a homeowner and many don’t expect the service to work this way.

You Will Pay More

As I said, these companies charge contractors a high fee to “buy” your information and that cost will be passed on to you. Since the competition is high, most of these leads do not turn into sales. The contractor will need to charge higher prices on projects they do sell just to make up for the costs.

What is the Best Way to Find a Contractor?

Unfortunately, the best way to find a contractor is good old fashioned referrals and phone calls. Try looking through local magazines or check out your local Chamber of Commerce and check online reviews. Avoid looking at sites where reviews can be deleted or altered. Be sure to meet with the contractor, ask lots of questions, and make your own decision if they are reliable or reputable.

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