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Granite Countertops in Slabs

Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops White Torroncino

Over 100 Colors of Granite

Granite is a timeless option that many homeowners prefer.  Granite is a natural product, where the slab is cut directly from a quarry and then polished to create a beautiful product that's ready for your home.  Because it is natural, granite does require sealing which we will do at installation.  When selecting a granite slab, you will see variations in colors and veins, which makes each slab unique.  We partner with Monterrey Tile, this gives you an extensive inventory to hand-select the slab that suits your design style.  

We come to you and measure your kitchen for granite countertops. Fabrication price will be based on how many square feet of granite you need to have installed in your kitchen or bathroom. Granite slab price will vary depending on what color and thickness granite you select. Once a color is chosen we can also determine how many slabs you need. Granite slabs are in many different sizes.

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Granite Colors

How does the bidding process work?

A skilled designer will meet you at your house to measure the area where granite is needed. Detailed measurements will be taken. You will be asked to choose a granite from our website for the initial bid; however you will be able to select your actual slab(s) from the warehouse later in the process. 

Meeting - Measure

Calculations will be done to figure out the total amount of square footage needed for install. Also, we must check the dimensions of the slabs of granite in the color you choose to determine how many slabs will be needed for your project.

Square Footage

Our showroom features samples of the granite slabs and edging options, as well as seams and sink cutouts. You can arrange samples of cabinets, granite and tile together to pick your palette. This is a great time to pick a tile backsplash as well.

Visit Our Showroom

After you find the granite of your dreams at a price that fits your budget, we will schedule installation. A granite template must be scheduled and fabrication will take about 2 weeks and then we can do the installation. Demo can typically be done on the day of installation.

Set Up the Installation

How are granite countertops made?

Granite countertops are made from a natural stone, which is cut out of a mountain. First a large block of the granite is cut out of a mountain, usually with some sort of explosives. This large block (about the size of a mini van) is transported from the mountain to a factory to be cut up. This block is set up to be sliced like a loaf of bread at different thicknesses, usually 2CM or 3CM. Each slice of this block is known as a slab which is usually around 120" long by 70" wide. The slab size will vary depending on the size of the block that was cut from the mountain. The rough cut slab will then be laid down on table to be polished.

The polishing process will start with a 50 grit sand paper (not really sand paper, it's diamonds) with lots of water to get rid of the saw marks from cutting. Next it will go to 100 grit, then 200 grit and so on until it gets to around 3000 grit. Once the granite slab is done being polished it will have a glossy sheen to it which is what you see at the slab yard. This slab does not have any coating or chemical on it, it is just a rock sanded until it is smooth. It is then cut by a fabricator to fit on your cabinets in your home.

Do I need to seal my granite?

Granite is a natural stone and natural stones are absorbent by nature. Stones are essentially made from dirt which has been hardened into different densities. Dirt is absorbent as you can probably tell every time it rains outside. A sealer is a liquid which is designed to be applied to any natural stone to clog it's pores so it will not absorb anything else. A sealed piece of granite and a not sealed piece of granite usually do not look any different. The only way to tell if your granite has been sealed is to apply a small amount of water to the surface to see if it gets absorbed. If the granite gets darker after the water is applied, this means the granite needs more sealer. Lighter color granite is more absorbent than a darker color granite and it may require a couple different treatments. You cannot over seal your granite countertops. The granite will absorb what it wants and the rest will be wiped off. Sealing is an easy thing to do and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do, but and save you thousands of dollars by preventing stains.

Free In Home Estimates

We come to you for free and measure your kitchen or bathroom so you don't have to. We will also examine the structure to hold the granite countertops to see if we see any issues, along with looking at the access to the area to ensure we can get the material to the area to be installed.

Experience and Education

We not only sell granite countertops, we also try to educate our customers. We can go through the differences between granite and quartz and help you choose which one is right for you. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we can answer all your questions and get you the countertop you will love for years to come. We also help with color coordination and design.

Lots of Selection

Not only do we offer hundreds of different granite colors to pick from, but we also give you 8 different edges to choose from. You can browse through all the slabs of granite and pick the color and thickness to fit your needs.

Why Choose Stellar Kitchen and Bath?

Stellar Kitchen and Bath is proud to offer SENSA Granite which we receive from Cosentino. This particular granite is all hand selected by Cosentino from in Brazil and India to meet there high standards. This particular granite is infused with a high quality sealer at the factory and it comes with a 15 year warrant. Choose from a large selection of granite colors in 2CM and 3CM thicknesses. This granite requires no maintenance and the warranty is transferable.

15 Year Warranty

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