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Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Design

A kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you are entertaining or simply preparing meals for your family, you want a kitchen that is beautiful and you enjoy spending time in, but even more importantly, is functional and long lasting. At Stellar Kitchen and Bath, we will listen to your needs and design a kitchen cabinet plan that is right for you. Everyone uses their kitchen in different ways and it needs to be designed with you in mind. We understand this and will help adapt your ideas into a dream kitchen space.   Once the cabinet plans are drawn up, we will present you with your options.  We know this is an important investment and will not rush you to place an order before you are ready. Most customers make several revisions to the initial drawings/pricing, so you are encouraged to take your time making a decision.  If cost is a concern, just let us know and we will work hard to find a design that meets your budget.

We offer a huge selection of kitchen cabinet door styles and colors along with many accessory options. All of our cabinets are made in Arizona at Oakcraft Cabinetry and are manufactured with our very dry climate in mind.  Contact us for a free in-home estimate or visit our showroom to see the various cabinetry displays. Don't wait, give yourself the STELLAR kitchen of your dreams today!

Cabinet doors

60 Door Styles

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Maple Colors

30 Colors Available

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  • Made in Arizona

  • Soft Closing Hinges

  • 6 Way Adjustable Hinges

  • Real Wood Ends

  • Real Wood Doors

  • 1/2" Box Construction

  • 3/4" Shelves

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • 60 Door Styles

  • 30 Colors

  • 8 Wood Types

  • Full Overlay

  • 5 Piece Drawer Fronts

  • Dovetail Drawers

  • Soft Closing Drawers

  • Custom Cabinets / Colors


  • Recycle Center

  • Spice Racks

  • Roll Out Drawers

  • Peg Board Drawers

  • Cutlery Dividers

  • Tip Out Trays

  • Knobs and Pulls

  • All Rev-A-Shelf Products

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Cabinet countertop showroom

How does the bidding process work?

A skilled designer will meet you at your house to measure the cabinet areas. Together we will work out a design idea as a starting point and discuss any alternate design ideas. A basic door style and color will be chosen from a brochure to start the design process, but can be changed before a final order is placed. 

Meeting - Measure

The initial cabinet drawings are prepared in a 3D design program using the ideas and specs discussed during your in-home consultation. This cabinet layout will be used to create an initial bid for the project. The 3D design will be emailed to you to review along with the bid.

First Drawings Created

Visit our showroom to see samples of the cabinets, door styles, accessories  and colors. Test various cabinet colors with tile and countertop samples to create your perfect palette. Sit down with your designer to edit the layout and see and revised the pricing. 

Visit Our Showroom

After revising the layout and adding all the accessories you desire we will come up with the final price. If the price is within your budget and you would like to move forward we will move on to signing an agreement and a cabinet order will be placed with the manufacturer.

Customize & Order

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Add Your Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Two tier cutlery divider in kitchen cabinet

Two Tier Cutlery Divider

Adding a cutlery divider to a drawer can really help maximize your storage for your silverware. This cutlery divider has two separate levels so you can store your knifes, forks and spoons on different levels. This can be added in almost any size drawer we offer and it comes built in from the factory. We can not only make your kitchen cabinets beautiful and durable, we can also make them functional as well. Stop by our showroom and check this out.

Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is a great way to add storage to a corner in your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen cabinets a corner is very hard to access. We offer a standard lazy susan and an optional super susan. The super susan has wood trays instead of plastic and does not have a pole in the center to obstruct your storage space. This also prevents items from falling off the back and jamming up the turn table.

Kitchen cabinet with wood lazy susan and granite countertop
Peg board system kitchen cabinet organizer

Peg Board Dish Drawer

Add this peg board system to one of your drawers to help organize your dishes or pots and pans. The pegs are movable and can be placed in any configuration. This is great accessory to add to any kitchen cabinet drawer bank and we can order it already installed in the cabinet when it is delivered to your house.

Blind Cabinet - Half Moon Shelves

If you have one of these blind cabinets, you know the frustration of trying to get to lost items that are buried way back in the corner of the cabinet. These half moon shelves are a great addition to any kitchen when you do not have room to do a lazy susan. We can order your blind cabinet with these already installed from the factory.

Pull out shelves in blind corner base cabinet
Pull out spice rack in base kitchen cabinet

Pull Out Spice Rack

If you cook at all you know how difficult it is to locate your spices when you need them. This pull out spice rack can be installed next to your cooktop or range. This is great use for a small kitchen cabinet and the shelves are adjustable so you can put larger spices wherever you want. Must see this in person to truly appreciate it.

Pull Out Trash / Recycle Center

Tired of tripping over the unsightly trash and recycle cans? This unit can be installed in any cabinet that is 18" wide or wider. The door is attached to the trash unit and opens with it. This means you do not have to open the door every time and then pull out the trash can, it is all done in one step.

Pull out trash bins in kitchen cabinet 2 cans
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