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Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is a large undertaking that takes expert planning.  Unlike designing a kitchen for a new home construction, remodeling requires a solid understanding of the existing electrical and plumbing components, as well as a precise footprint of the kitchen.  When choosing a cabinet company, you want a designer who can not only design a beautiful kitchen, but can ensure your new kitchen fits these components like a glove.  If new cabinets are being installed around existing tile flooring, for example, the new kitchen must fit precisely within that tile footprint.  


At Stellar Kitchen and Bath, we truly are remodeling experts.  In addition to taking accurate measurements, our designers will offer guidance on what can and cannot be done with your cabinet, countertop, and flooring vision.  We will pay close attention to all the important elements and offer alternate design suggestions, when needed.  

We invite you to schedule your FREE IN-HOME consultation today!  Or stop by our Avondale showroom.

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Remodel vs New Build

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Find Problems Before You Order

The first step of the process is the most important step. An experienced kitchen designer should know what is behind and underneath the cabinets before they are removed. This includes the location of plumbing pipes and electrical as well as the footprint of the tile flooring. The old cabinets are usually removed the day before your new cabinets are delivered and it is too late to make any changes or call other trades. This usually adds weeks or even months to the project. We specialize in remodels to avoid these surprises and know how to handle the occasional curve ball to keep the project on schedule.

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Point of No Return

Once the cabinets are ripped out and thrown away there is no turning back. If your cabinets are not ordered correctly, you could be faced with missing pieces of tile or electrical that needs to be moved. It is important to take lots of measurements of toe kick depth and electrical locations as well as considering what the appliances will be. For example, if you are going from a cook top to a slide in range the electrical would need to be lowered for the range to slide all the way in. These are things that will save you lots of time and money by hiring someone with not only cabinet knowledge but remodeling knowledge.

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Moment of Truth

After all the cabinets are installed and countertops are done is when your appliances will be delivered and installed. This is when you find out if your cabinet company did the job right. To many times the range or dishwasher doesn't fit because of poor planning and lack of knowledge. The most common issue comes from built in appliances. Built in appliances such as double ovens and microwaves require custom cutouts and specific electrical locations. These specs are usually in the manual that comes with the appliance. The average cabinet company does not consider it their responsibility to double check these items and leave that to you and your electrician. We will make sure it is done right.

New Builds and Tract Houses

Most cabinet and countertop companies are used to doing new builds and tract homes and do not have the skill or time to put into a remodel. With a new build they rely on a Super Attendant or Project Manager to walk the house and double check everything. If plumbing or electrical is in the wrong spot on a new build it is not the cabinet companies fault and they will back charge the builder for the return trip. If you are a homeowner doing a remodel this can be expensive as well as result in huge delays to your project.

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