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Cabinet Refacing is More Expensive Than New Cabinets

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Refacing material for cabinets

Most people think that it would be cheaper to reface their existing cabinetry instead of replacing it with new cabinets. Unfortunately a lot of people get several bids for refacing and go with a company without even checking to see how much replacing the all the cabinets would be. In most cases replacing all the cabinets is going to be less money than refacing your existing ones

Why is it so much money to reface?

The main costly part of a cabinet is the doors and drawer fronts. Buying a whole cabinet does not add much to that cost. Every cabinet manufacture makes their frames and door openings different sizes. For this reason if you reface you will need to have all new doors custom made for your existing cabinets. This also requires lots of math calculations to make sure the correct hinges are ordered as well as drawer fronts. Once the cabinet doors are figured out the next step is looking at the cabinet face frame, finished ends and crown molding. A thin veneer or vinyl must be applied to all the frames and finished ends of the existing cabinetry to match the doors. Your existing crown molding and other moldings must also be replaced to match. This is very labor intensive, time consuming process. Usually nothing is done with the interior of the cabinet itself.

Why should I replace?

Replacing your cabinets is not as much of an ordeal as most people think. In most cases new cabinets can be ordered the same size as the ones you are removing. Special care is taken during the installation to insure that the new cabinets match the existing footprint left by the old cabinets. The benefits to replacing the cabinets is the whole cabinet is new inside and out as well as you can reconfigure areas by adding in a lazy susan, drawer bank or other desired accessories. If you have an existing laminate counter top sometimes it can even be reused on the new cabinets as well.

If you have an existing granite or quartz countertop chances are it will break during the removal process and then it will have to be replaced. In most bids I have done the cost of the new cabinets and the granite countertops was still less than the refacing price. Please remember that if you do decide to reface your existing cabinets and put on a new granite or quartz countertop that you most likely will not be able to remove it and reuse it later. It will most likely break during removal and it will be hard to find anyone willing to try it.

Call us first at Stellar Kitchen and Bath and get a free estimate before you sign any contract for refacing. You can still get estimates from them, but please compare it to our quote first before you sign.

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