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Kitchen Cabinet Design in Arizona

When designing your kitchen cabinetry, it is important to think about the items you anticipate placing in your new cabinets first. Think about where you would like cabinet doors versus where you would like cabinet drawers. A mix of different size doors and drawers can be a smart option, as well as accessories inside the cabinets, if available. Not all of your items are the same size and require the same cabinetry. Below are some tips when designing your new kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Design with Drawers

Plan Your Drawers Strategically

Drawers are a very convenient way to store and organize items. Drawers also are a great way to avoid bending over and crawling inside of a cabinet to find something (think of that dreaded Tupperware cabinet!). They are also easier to keep organized. The downside to drawers is they may not have enough clearance for your tall items - or stacked items may fall over when you close the drawer. It is very important to plan different sized drawers throughout the kitchen for your different sized items.

Deep drawers are very useful for skillets, pots, and pans, but are not good for small items like cooking utensils and silverware. These items will get buried in the drawer making it difficult to find them later.

Add Some Accessories Inside the Cabinets

Accessories are great to add inside the cabinets to make your kitchen items more accessible and keep things organized. Some must-have items include a pull out trash can and a lazy susan if you have a corner in your kitchen. It is best to put the pull out trash can next to the sink area if possible. There are several options for the corner in your kitchen but the lazy susan will maximize your use of the corner and is by far the best option if you have the space.

Make sure to choose your accessories based on function, not on looks. Sometimes things may look nice in a showroom, but are not practical for use on a daily basis. Picture which items you will be storing in them and how easy they will be to access.

Tall Upper Cabinets are a Must-Have

Most houses come with 30" tall upper cabinets as a standard. Upgrading to a 42" upper cabinet will give you an extra storage shelf kitchen - and who doesn't need more storage? It is best to put the items you use the least often on the top shelf because you will most likely need a step stool to get to them. Put your everyday items on the lower shelves for easy access.

Everything Needs to Have a Place

Kitchen cabinets are designed different for every person. Everyone has different needs and wants, so consider your needs when working through a kitchen design. The main thing is making sure you have room for pots and pans, drawers for your silverware and cooking utensils, as well as places to put your small appliances. The last thing you want to do is remodel your kitchen and be forced to get rid of items or keep items in the garage because they don't fit anywhere.

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